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Hometown User Application Access Guides: Non-Company Stores | Company Stores

How Do I Find my Passphrase for an Enterprise ID Reset?

Email Login

Click on the image below to access Outlook Online for THC/

Click here for instructions on accessing your email.


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Store Support

Non-Technical/Business Process Support

For Immediate Customer Facing issues, use the support paths below. For all other non-technical/business process issues, please open under Hometown Support > Appropriate Category

Chat: Login to Hometown Support and click the Chat icon in the bottom right hand corner

Email: OR

Submit Online: Hometown Support > HTS Call Center > Calls-Customer Facing

Technical/Systems Issues

Submit Online: Sysaid

For immediate support related to systems issues, please call 1-877-742-6948 option 6.

For any questions regarding Hometown Connect, please email

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